Research Ethos

Scio ut nesciam. The limit of our knowledge is the basis of our conscious life. Half-knowledge or false knowledge limits our life and prevents real independence. Freedom requires clear knowledge, especially of one's own ignorance. In this sense, our research is designed to make one's own limits clear and deliberately to transcend them. We want to advance further development and progress by thinking outside the current norms and ideas with openness and creativity. We achieve this through basic research that is open to a variety of applications. Thus, we creatively contribute to shaping the future.

Linking Theory to Practice

An essential focus for us is the connection between theory and practice. Our research leads to application. This benefits our clients and society at the same time. We want to inspire both our clients and our research partners better to shape their own path through conscious questioning, and to create something new in the process.

Research Foci

Leadership and neuroscience are at the centre of our endeavours, which we understand and consider from an interdisciplinary perspective. For us, science-theoretical research questions are the basis of a proper examination of the possibilities and limits of science. Our research ethos is based on Fritz Wallner's constructive realism. Our questions deal with leadership processes as well as with individual leaders and the interplay of organisation and context, as does the process of thinking. Creativity, and how to enable and inhibit the same, as well as the question of how new thought processes can be triggered in the first place are part of our research fields. As a final aspect, we are concerned with the connection of these fields to stress research, since especially in the field of application, a correspondingly increased activity workload is quickly achieved due to a variety of influencing factors outside of laboratory conditions. This gives special consideration to the area of linking the theory back to practice.

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